When you come back from your stay abroad, it’s important that you make certain you haven’t picked up an illness. Though you may not feel ill immediately, dormant diseases and ailments may linger in your system and cause you problems when you least expect them. To ensure that you’re completely healthy upon arriving home, it’s important to visit a travel vaccination clinic. Even if you had the necessary vaccinations ahead of time and took extreme precaution while traveling, you could still be susceptible to illness.

Our Travel Vaccine Clinic

Here at One Stop Travel Vaccination Clinic, we have a number of dedicated infectious disease specialists who are available to provide thorough post-travel health examinations. We’ll ensure that you are healthy, and have not contracted any illness that could affect you now or in the long term. We also offer convenient on-site laboratory testing, x-rays and ultrasounds should our doctors determine that further testing is required to diagnose or rule out an illness.

We can immediately prescribe medication for you if you have returned with an illness, including treatment options for malaria, jet lag, sunburn and heat stroke and more. Some travelers have more difficulty than others trying to overcome issues such as jet lag or heat stroke, and need additional help. Instead of simply accepting that your international trip left you feeling unwell, a trip to our travel vaccine clinic can help you get back to full health!

For more information on medical help after you travel and to book your appointment, contact us today!