Whether you’re going on a week-long vacation, or leaving the country for an extended period of time for work, it’s important that you take care of any vaccines before you travel. Depending on where you’re going, and what time of year you plan to travel, the protection you need from illness and disease may differ. A short visit to our travel vaccine clinic will ensure that you’re protected from any foreign ailments, and ready for your adventure.

Step #1

Pre-Travel Consultation

The pre-travel consultation is a one-on-one visit with the doctor where you will receive health advice tailored to your destination and length of travel. Unlike other travel vaccination clinics, this visit takes place with the doctor, not a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. When you arrive, your medical history, past immunizations and current medication will be reviewed. Recommended vaccines and medications will be discussed, as well as other precautions to protect your health.

Step #2

Vaccine Administration

Vaccines can be administered on the same visit or you can return another day if you need time to make a decision; there is no charge for a return visit. For a full list of our vaccination options, refer to our vaccines and mediations page.

We offer the lowest price for vaccines and do not charge an injection fee. All registered vaccines are available.

Step #3

Follow-Up Appointment(s)

Some vaccines require more than one dose administered on separate visits. Unlike other travel vaccination clinics, we do not charge patients for follow-up visits.

For more information on preparing for vaccines before travel, or to book an appointment at our travel vaccine clinic, contact us today!